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Prix Fixe Menus

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Prix Fixe Menus

Prix Fixe


The term sounds very fancy but it is simply means fixed price. It is a French term that refers to a type of menu featuring a pre-selected list of dishes and prices. This term goes all the way back to the French Revolution which shows its history. Displaced chef’s who no longer worked for aristocrats opened their own establishments, selling food to the public. The prix fixe menu evolved out of those early restaurants, offering a multi-course meal with a set price – which is still a common style of menu in many fine dining restaurants today. Here at Jonathan’s Ristorante in Huntington, we offer a $40 prix fixe menu Sunday through Thursday.

Why Prix Fixe?


They are not very common in the United States, usually found in Europe the prix fixe menu offers us a variety of advantages that we can offer to you. For our chef it allows him to design a meal that flows together one after another. It also allows him to showcase his creativity and the opportunity to feed our customers in a way they will love. Prix fixe also allows our service to perfectly time the meals for each table. The table gets their course delivered at the same time so there is no waiting for everyone to have their food to begin eating.  We want our customers to leave with a full stomach, happy and talking about the next time they will be eating at Jonathan’s Ristorante.


Prix Fixe at Jonathan’s Ristorante


Each week is a chance to see what our menu has to offer. With many seasonal favorites like roasted turkey, butternut squash soup, and pumpkin pie it will give you a taste of Thanksgiving before the big day. But your meal is not complete until you pair your selection with one of our many wines, right for the occasion. So what are you waiting for come see what all the buzz is about with Jonathan’s Ristorante? Call us and make a reservation today!