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Fine Dining in Huntington

Posted in: Blog, Huntington Restaurant

Are you looking for the perfect place to bring your significant other? Jonathan’s Ristorante is the perfect location for fine dining in Huntington, NY. The upscale dining experience will leave a great impression on your date!

Fine dining in Huntington at Jonathan’s Ristorante will include white tablecloths, a sophisticated atmosphere, and exotic menu options.  Typically, ripped jeans and t-shirts are not appropriate for a fine dining experience. Collared shirts for men and dresses or skirts for women are of typical dress code when fine dining.

There are important things to remember when fine dining in Huntington. There is a certain etiquette to be followed in order to fit in at upscale restaurants. Remember, napkins are to be used only to dab the mouth. If you are leaving the table, you place the napkin on your seat before you leave, and upon return place it on your knee again. When you finish eating, you may place your napkin on the left side of your plate, never on the plate.

Some other things to keep in mind when fine dining are as follows:

  • Never leave your keys or phone on the table
  • If you need assistance when choosing wine, ask for it
  • Rather than asking for a specific price range for wine, suggest a wine in that price range
  • Make payment arrangements prior to your meal
  • Dress appropriately
  • This is not the place to be loud
  • Never eat with your fingers

The extensive wine list at Jonathan’s Ristorante goes hand-in-hand with the fine dining experience. There are many by-the-glass options as well as a variety of bottles to choose from. We have the perfect wine for everyone!

Our hand picked selections from the dinner menu are delicious options for those with an eclectic palette! When fine dining in Huntington, four-course meals are the norm. Typically a four-course meal consists of a soup or salad, an appetizer, the main course, and a dessert.

Visit our website to take a look at our dinner menu. You can even take a look at the wine list to pick the perfect wine for you and your significant other. This will relieve some of the stress and pressure of deciding at the table. Give us at Jonathan’s Ristorante a call to make a reservation for your special date night!


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