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The Origin of Agnolotti di Zucca

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The Origin of Agnolotti di Zucca

It’s hard to deny the obsession with pumpkin flavors. In fact, the industry has skyrocketed over recent years as the popular vegetable’s influence has rapidly spread throughout the culinary universe, making unexpected appearances in some of the most unique takes on traditional dishes out there. America’s love for pumpkin ingredients may seem exclusive but it’s nowhere near Italy’s relationship. The country’s extensive history with the orange veggie is unmatched and makes its integration into classic Italian cuisine like Agnolotti di Zucca makes for no surprise.

Agnolotti di Zucca is just one of the many dishes born out of this match made in culinary heaven. “Agnolotti” is a square-shaped variant of ravioli that is often stuffed with a variety of meat and vegetable ingredients. This traditional pasta styling has been around for centuries, dating back to as early as the 14th century. For this special dish, however, the chefs take an alternative approach and fill the pocket with “zucca,” which is the Venetian term for pumpkin. Although we may see it as a seasonal ingredient, Zucca (commonly pronounced “suca”) was frequently consumed by poorer populations year-round in Italy. Centuries later, pumpkin dishes still offer the best blend of two iconic Italian staples and embodies that truly authentic, artisanal kind of flavor.

If Agnolotti di Zucca sounds like something that can satisfy your appetite, you don’t have to go very far. At Jonathan’s Ristorante in Huntington, we provide our own spin on this already unique dish. Aside from the masterfully prepared pumpkin-stuffed agnolotti, we top the meal with parmigiano, amaretti cookie dust, and a butter and sage sauce to deliver the most diverse taste for anyone’s palate.

Jonathan’s Ristorante also provides plenty of other renditions on classic Italian greats. When coupled with our wide menu of wine and bar selections, our dishes will surely highlight any special occasion or a spontaneous night out on the town.  


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