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Italian Dinner Date Night

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Italian Dinner Date Night

If you are planning an Italian dinner, either to celebrate with friends and family or as a date for you and your partner, you should learn the general courses of a traditional Italian dinner. An Italian dinner can be broken down into five components. These parts include the antipasto, primo, secondo, contorno, and dolce, and each of these parts has different types of foods in them. Enjoying a meal in this Italian fashion can turn any night into a special occasion. An Italian dinner date is also a great experience to share with your special someone, and it is an excellent idea for Valentine’s date night too! If you are looking for a delightful restaurant in Huntington, NY, for an Italian Valentine’s Day dinner, look no further than Jonathan’s Ristorante

Italian Dinner Layout:

While there are no set rules on how you should enjoy delicious Italian meals, there is a general order to the parts of each meal. The order is determined by what type of foods are being served and eaten. We will discuss the different parts of an Italian dinner here, and make it simple so you can impress, either when you go out or cook for yourself. For an Italian restaurant in Huntington, NY, with a casual yet sophisticated look, come to Jonathan’s Ristorante and enjoy the delicious flavors of Italy.

  • Antipasto – This is referred to as “before the meal.” It can be compared to appetizers in our cuisine and is usually just something to nibble on while you wait till your next course. Some things that are typically eaten as an antipasto include platters of meats and cheeses, bruschetta, crostini, and calamari.
  • Primo – The primo is the first course and generally will have a more substantial amount of food than the antipasto. Since antipasto is usually colder foods, primos tend to be hotter foods. Some common examples of primos include pasta, lasagne, risotto, gnocchi, and soup.
  • Secondo – This is the second and main course of the dinner. This part of the dinner is when the most substantial portions of meat are served, or meaty seafood. Things like chicken, lamb, beef, duck, lobster, etc. are served here.
  • Contorno – These are side dishes that are served alongside the secondo. The sides are usually vegetable-based dishes, either cooked such as sauteed spinach, asparagus, and potatoes or can be raw, like a salad. 
  • Dolce – A sweet dish, or a dessert, that typically concludes the meal. There are many different types of desserts you can serve or eat, but each of them has a sweet tone to them. Sometimes a drink is served and enjoyed as well. Caffeinated drinks such as an espresso or cappuccino can be served alongside or after the dolce, or a digestive, a digestive alcoholic drink, is taken after.

Italian dinners that consist of all these parts are typically saved for special occasions. These steps are not needed to enjoy a delicious Italian dinner. However, if you are looking to create a memorable and enjoyable dinner occasion, then the traditional Italian way is what we recommend. Whether you are celebrating or going out on a dinner date, dinners like this are sure to bring much enjoyment and happiness. If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in Huntington, NY, to enjoy a delicious meal in, come join us at Jonathan’s Ristorante!

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