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Wine Dinner – May 22, 2019

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$125 Per Person(Does Not Include Tax & Gratuity)
Reservations Required

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Jonathan’s Ristorante
Is Proud To Serve Some Of
Spain’s Best Wine Varietals!

Spain Has Over 2.9 Million Acres Planted, Making It The Most Widely Planted Wine-Producing Nation. There Is An Abundance Of Native Varieties Of Grapes In Spain, With Over 400 Different Kinds Throughout The Country. Spanish Wine Regions Include The Rioja, Catalonia, Galicia, And The Andalucia Region.

Wines Produced In Catalonia Are Referred To As Catalan Wines. The Area Of Catalonia Has A Long History Of Winemaking And Is The Origin Of Priorat And Montsant, Two Powerful Red Wines. Catalan Wines Differ From Their Spanish Counterparts By Having A Higher Alcohol Content And A Fuller Body. The Mediterranean Climate Of Catalonia Makes The Location Perfect For Producing Rich Wines Unlike Any Other.

Galician Wine Is Produced In Galicia, Located In The Northwest Corner Of Spain. Galicia Is Known For Its Lush, Green Vegetation And Moisture Levels. Galicia’s Cool, Oceanside Climate Makes It The Perfect Location For White Grape Production. Galicia’s Closeness To Portugal And Isolation From Much Of Spain Has Had A Strong Influence On The Style Of Wine In The Region. The Fragrance, Lightness, And Acidity Of Galician Wines Are Similar To That Of Many Portuguese Wines.

Rioja Wine Is A Major Part Of The Culture In Spain. Rioja Has Even Been Referred To As, “Spain In A Glass Of Red Wine”, Embracing The Culture In Its Entirety. Rioja Wine Is For Someone Who Likes Cabernet But Is Also A Fan Of The Cherry Flavor Found In Pinot Noir. Rioja Consists Of A Blend Of Multiple Grape Varieties, Allowing It To Pair Well With Strong Cheeses And Meats.

The Region Of Andalucia Has A Mediterranean Climate, Experiencing Long Hours Of Sunshine. Andalucia’s Most Famous Wine Producing Region, Jerez, Receives Significantly More Rainfall Than Other Parts Of Spain, Allowing For Cool Moisture To Support Vine Growth. The Wines Of Andalucia Are World-Famous And Are Renowned For Being Rich And Delicious.

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