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Linguine Nere

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Linguine Nere

What Is Linguine Nere?

Linguine is a popular type of pasta which is wide, flat, and thin and similar to fettuccine and trenette. “Linguine Nere” also known as “Squid Ink Linguine” is believed to have originated in Sicily. At Jonathan’s Ristorante, one of the most popular Italian Restaurants in Huntington, we serve Linguine Nere with authentically made squid ink linguine, shrimp, and spicy san marzano tomato sauce. With a complex combination of flavors, it is no wonder this dish is one of the most popular on both our lunch and dinner menus.

When pairing wine with this dish, there are many considerations to be made. A medium body wine designed to complement the squid ink and shrimp or the spicy san marzano sauce is a great start

If you prefer white wine, some great options on our extensive wine list include:

If you prefer red wine some good options include:

We featured Italian wines that are grown and cultivated near the Mediterranean Sea to capture the essence of this dish. Feel free to pick any wine you prefer or ask one of our team members for help in making the right selection. To view our complete wine list, click here.


Artisanal Dishes Available At Italian Restaurants In Huntington

Our extensive lunch and dinner menus feature a wide variety of authentic Italian dishes which include:


  • Arancini- Mushroom rice balls with truffle aioli
  • Fritto di Carciofini- Sauteed baby artichokes, & basil pesto
  • Piadini- Flatbread with prosciutto, ricotta, figs, & honey


  • Linguine Nere- Squid ink linguine, shrimp, spicy san marzano tomato sauce
  • Spaghetti Vongole- Manilla clams, roasted garlic & habanero chile
  • Bucatini- Nonna Alba’s bolognese sauce


  • Arugula- Cherry tomatoes, citrus vinaigrette, with Parmigiano or goat cheese
  • Insalata di Cocomero- Mint, watermelon, & ricotta salata
  • Mista Robiola- Beets, pomegranate, robiola cheese, & walnuts

Raw Seafood

  • Little Neck clams- Half dozen
  • Salmone- Heirloom potato/string bean salad, dill vinaigrette sauce
  • Oysters- Half dozen


To read our full dinner menu, click here.

When looking for Italian restaurants in Huntington, look no further than Jonathan’s Ristorante. Make your reservation today!